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      Classic, Preppy Baby Clothes

      We believe kids are never too young to be well-dressed, so start them off right with premium, preppy baby clothes from Classic Prep. Down to the tiniest stitch, everything we make for infants to toddlers is designed to be the epitome of crisp, clean style that looks great—even over a diaper. We offer updated takes on all the classics, from rompers and bubbles to shortalls, and of course the cutest dresses you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

      Why re-invent the wheel when certain staples have been working for you and your family for generations? After all, “traditional” never goes out of style. And Classic Prep’s baby clothes are heirloom-quality and made to last. Everything we make has to do more than look fantastic—after all, babies often put our clothes to the ultimate test. Whether your little one has only just arrived or is already progressing from creeping to crawling, we believe our baby clothes should move along with them and stand up change-after-change-after change. Our goal is always to make clothing that you and your baby will love so much that it will be passed on to friends or family members. And who knows? Someday maybe even to your baby’s babies.

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