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      Children's Fair Isle Sweaters and Dresses

      No true preppy's wardrobe is complete without an assortment of Fair Isle sweaters. We knew that when we started Classic Prep, but there was one big problem: quality kids-sized Fair Isles were almost impossible to find. That's why we've devoted countless hours of time and attention to recreating the kind of Fair Isles that we wore as kids. 

      We're now proud to be able to design and produce Fair Isle sweaters to our own exacting standards. We use the highest quality materials and a unique combination of traditional methods and modern technology to produce new, meticulously detailed patterns each season. Our boys Fair Isle sweaters feature colors that pop, often with just a little bit of vintage flair. For girls we offer softer hues that pair well with almost everything we make. Available in cotton or wool, crew neck or cardigan, for babies to tweens—each seasonal offering is available for a limited time only, and only from Classic Prep.

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