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      Boys Overalls (Longalls and Shortalls)

      If there was ever a dictionary entry for "Little Boy," odds are it would be accompanied by a picture of a cute, classic kiddo in a pair of shortalls or longalls. That's because they've been an excellent option for keeping wiggly little ones looking sharp for ages. Whatever you call them, "John Johns," "shortalls," "longalls" or "overalls" odds are you already know that they're your best bet when it comes to giving him the freedom to move and a classic look. And what could be easier than snaps along the inseam for diaper changes on the go?

      All of our shortalls and longalls come in a variety of durable fabrics (think corduroy, velvet, seersucker) and unique Classic Prep-exclusive embroideries. Cover your little guy in comfort and let him go!