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      Classic Prep Childrenswear is a family-owned children’s clothing company inspired by the classic, timeless preppy style. I’m Ginger Drysdale, and my husband, Josh, and I run the business from our home in Rowayton, Connecticut, with occasional interruptions and endless inspiration from our 4-year-old daughter, Piper.

      With over a decade of experience in the New York fashion world, my designs combine industry knowledge and a mother’s instinct. The result is traditional children’s apparel that’s fun for parents to buy and easy for kids to wear. Both our aesthetic and our ethic are inspired by the iconic New England coastline where I was born and raised. Summers on the sailboat and winters around the fire… we hope Classic Prep Childrenswear captures the magic of childhood.

      To us, prep isn’t just a style, it’s a way of life—grounded in tradition and invested in quality and enduring value. We’ve built our business on high-quality fabrics and distinguished designs, making children’s clothes are durable, versatile and easy to clean, so nothing gets in the way of carefree kid adventures. After all, your little ones won’t be little for long.

      Our Philosophy

      Play. It’s a concept that’s central to everything we do at Classic Prep Childrenswear.
      We believe children should look lovely and be free to imagine and explore. Wearing the “right” outfit means they can do both comfortably.
      We support toying with tradition to produce a fresh take on timeless classics.
      We value creative expression—it’s what drives our unique prints and custom designs.
      We think there’s simply no substitute for clothing crafted with a mother’s love.

      classic prep childrenswear family photo